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St. Catharines Welland Canal Centre

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Venturing beyond my usual portrait and events photography in the Greater Toronto Area and southwestern Ontario, I embarked on a mission to explore new horizons for my travel photography. Originally planning to launch with an exploration trip along the Lake Erie coast, I reconsidered due to the beach’s bustling summer crowds. I realized that the fall season would offer more calm and serene landscapes for my shots.

In a spontaneous change of plans, I found myself in the captivating city of St. Catharines instead. Known for its allure, I decided to make the most of my brief business meeting there on August 1, 2023, by exploring the city afterward. A quick Google search unveiled two remarkable gems awaiting me – the St. Catharines Museum and the Welland Canals Centre.

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As I ventured along the Welland Canal, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, I couldn’t help but notice the industrial charm that accompanied the waterway. Delightful parks and trails lined the route, and witnessing colossal transport ships navigating through the canal left me in awe.

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One particular highlight was the extensive Welland Canal Parkway Trail, stretching approximately 45 kilometers from the exit of Lake Ontario to the entrance of Lake Erie at Port Colborne. Popular among summer cyclists, this trail stands as one of the finest in both St. Catharines and the Niagara Region.

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At the museum, a strategically placed lookout allowed me to witness these mammoth vessels gracefully pass through the canal. However, that was merely the beginning of my St. Catharines adventure. The region teems with charming places and activities waiting to be discovered, along with hidden gems scattered throughout the area, enticing exploration at every turn.

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Witnessing a majestic ship sail the Welland Canal made my day trip to St. Catharines an unforgettable experience, proving that there’s no shortage of picturesque moments to capture in this beautiful city and its surrounding Niagara Region. As I kickstart my travel photography journey, I can’t wait to share more of these extraordinary encounters with you through my blog.